Best Upcoming PS4 Games in 2023

There are some definitive answers to why PS4 is so popular among gamers. Sony keeps bringing such exciting games that one can easily get so addicted to them. What makes PS4 even more powerful and hard to resist is their advanced features that allow you to play used games on it. And you might not get this feeling of luxury and comfort with any other gaming consoles, sorry to say, including Xbox. However, that’s a personal experience and everyone has different choices. Talking about the best upcoming PS4 games in 2023 that have been announced to release. The year 2023 will surely be the most insane for gamers as they will get to experience so many thrilling video games back-to-back.

List of Best Upcoming PS4 Games in 2023

S.No.GamesPricesRelease Date
1One Piece Odyssey$60-$70January 13, 2023
2ForspokenApprox. $70January 24, 2023
3Dead Space$5-$10/monthJanuary 27, 2023
4Deliver Us Mars$30-$40February 2, 2023
5Dead Island 2$70-$75February 3, 2023
6Hogwarts Legacy$70-$80February 10, 2023
7Wanted: Dead$60-$75February 14, 2023
8Like a Dragon: Ishin!$90-$93February 21, 2023
9Octopath Traveller II$60-$80February 24, 2023
10Destiny 2: Lightfall$50-$70February 28, 2023

One Piece Odyssey

Everyone knows about the success and craze of the One Piece manga series and the game itself. Being a gaming enthusiast, One Piece is something that beholds the power of creating chaos and excitement among gamers since its first day of release. Now the same is expected with One Piece Odyssey, a more intriguing RPG project which combines classics of the Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) genre with unique elements of One Piece. Additionally, some new characters and monsters will be added to this game including the main plot.

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This action role-playing game follows the interesting Journey of Frey, a young New York-based explorer who encounters the delightful monstrous land of Athia. Filled with adventure and excitement, the brave girl Frey uses her yet-to-be discovered magical abilities and gives tough competition to the cruel creatures. The main character begins with an open-world game format means you can travel anywhere at any time. As you finish your combats, you get the reward with experience points to unlock the other abilities.

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Dead Space

For those who get super pumped with just hearing the name of action and adventure, Dead Space is about to come that will give you even more than that. This award-winning survival horror video game is scheduled to make its first official entry at the end of January 2023. Now, you won’t be alone this winter as you’ll have your perfect gaming partner where one just needs to get their PS connected, and then the battleground is all yours. It follows the dark and fearful journey with a deep-space mining ship where you’ll be dealing with strange artifacts on a distant planet.

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Deliver Us Mars

Well, who doesn’t like sci-fi? But Deliver Us Mars isn’t just limited to this. It is a more advanced version of space travel and all that promises to take you on high-risked and suspense-fuelled missions. The ARK colony ships are stolen and you will have to recover them on your own. Wait! the goal may look simple but you might not be able to reach there so easily. Here, you’ll have to set your foot in the battle with some mysterious and fierce space animals less humans.

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Dead Island 2

If you are a zombie lover and want to get a real close to them with more kinds of horror and dark humor, you must go for Dead Island 2. This is over top zombie game and one of the most loved unique adventurous and thrilling sets of the game. You’ll get to see a new hellish version of LA, also called HELL-A. However, it is worth mentioning that Dead Island 2 is age-restricted for several known reasons. It consists of some hell-like playgrounds where brutality, mass-killing, and other zombie fun are available. You might not be able to access the game if your age is below 18.

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Hogwarts Legacy

Now you will be able to get a more realistic experience of Harry Potter and his world of magic and wizards. Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world action RPG game. You will be assigned here with a student character including a Key to an ancient secret. A secret that can destroy the world within fractions of seconds. Now, anyone who gets that thing can control it and make something new out of it. It is the biggest legacy you will get where you can set everything according to your view.

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Wanted: Dead 

This game gives you the goosebumps moments when one will be set on the mission to stop a major conspiracy and save their country. Wanted: Dead is a shooting, a new slashing game with an overdose of suspense, crime, and thriller. You’ll be provided with all the advanced weapons it takes to uncover the faces that will be involved in a meeting and do their planning. With the Hong Kong police squad, the only goal of yours is to prevent them and infiltrate their group to find out the hidden faces.

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Like a Dragon: Ishin!

Like a Dragon: Ishin video game showcases the fictional world of dragons and samurai and the battles between different dynasties. It is the English version of the Japanese spin-off game of Ryu ga GotkuIshin! Set in the phase of the Edo period, the main character Sakamoto Ryoma sails on his mission of finding the murderer who assassinated his teacher. The players get the role of Ryoma where they’ll have to hide their identity in the dangerous neighborhood of Kyoto and join the organization of Shinsengumi.

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OctopathTraveler II

If you had a good time with the OctopathTraveler, you’ll definitely love its upcoming version. The game begins with the Solistia, a land situated between the easter and western content and divided by the sea. Here, you’ll experience the busy sea routes the inventions of new technologies, and get the thrill of the industry and stage. Surrounded by war, plague, and poverty, players will have to explore the lands using their talents and complete the task to get to the next level.

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Destiny 2: Lightfall

Destiny 2: Lightfall is one of the most demanded legendary video games that give you the worth-playing experience of the universe, spaceships, and Neptune. The game has been already been pre-booked by a large number of people. Destiny 2 is in the highlights since the first day when the release date was revealed. You get here a new exotic ghost and legendary emblem including Lightfall, the new raid. In a Neptune city, you’ll have to follow the darkness and horror to find your fellow guardians. Coming with new rewards and exciting battle tasks, Lightfall will give you some unforgettable legendary modes to arm yourself and get into the fight.

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