Best Upcoming Comics 2023| Best Comics In 2023

Comics are the single most-loved and preferred source of entertainment after Movies and TV series. They have a history of always being high in demands that comes with a unique flair to provide fun and excitement to the readers. That’s why some top comic book publishers and companies like Marvel and DC have been able to grab a huge proportion of the market and gain billions of dollars from this. Another reason for their craze is the iconic characters that share all such qualities and persona that make comic books even more intriguing than others. However, if you are looking for Best Upcoming Comics in 2023 or want to know Best Comics in 2023, you are just in the right place. Here, we have covered the list of best comic books that will be released in 2023. Make sure to go through each of them and order the one that interests you most!

At a glance: Best Upcoming Comics 2023

S.No.NamePublisherPriceRelease Date (Expected)
1Iron CatMarvel$2024 January 2023
2Defenders: BeyondMarvel$15-$2031 January 2023
3Monkey Prince: Vol. 1: Enter the MonkeyDC Comics$18-$253 January 2023
4Genis-VellMarvel$13-$1831 January 2023
5Damage ControlMarvel$1628 February 2023
6Ultraman: The Mystery of UltrasevenMarvel$162 May 2023
7New Fantastic Four: Hell in a HandbasketMarvel$15-$251 March 2023
8Dark Nights: Metal OmnibusDC Comics$135 (Hardcover)10 January 2023
9Trials of X Vol. 4Marvel$18-$2010 January 2023
10Prodigy, Volume 2: The Icarus SocietyImage Comics$20-$2517 January 2023

Iron Cat

Iron Cat has been mentioned in very few marvel comics including black cat #11. When Iron Man and the Black Cat guessed they wouldn’t see her again, author Jed Mackay changed everything with the character of Iron Cat. Now, this would surely create chaos among the others after this mysterious and powerful enemy who possesses such powers to destroy Tony Stark and Felicia Hardy. However, the author has tried to turn the story and make it even more twisty. Tony Stark has some of his own fresh ideas where Felicia would give her innovations to end the Iron Cat. 

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Defenders: Beyond

Loki is certainly one of the top most notorious marvel super villain less hero that has made everyone fall for him. Now, the fans will get another exciting and adventurous comic book Defenders: Beyond. Loki, God of Stories! has played an important role in the series while putting everyone into his opposite. After getting a dire warning from Doctor Strange, Loki assembles his family and enters the battle. He holds a grudge against him and tries his more than best to get the victory. 

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Monkey Prince: Vol. 1: Enters the Monkey 

If you have got bored hearing the same DC story, Monkey Prince might give change your feelings. DC Universe will now have a new Character in the series. Being the predecessor of Monkey King, the character of Monkey Prince is introduced with the purpose of giving a stir to the previous story. He can transform into 72 different formations, cloning himself using his hairs, and also, he has some past with The Journey to the West. This would be a new addition to the Chinese American DC hero. 

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Peter David has made his return to Genis-Vell, son of the original captain marvel. Genis-Vell and Rick Jones have some unsettled past and are now back again in the land of the living. This small heat turns into a battle where both try to crash back into each other. This time Peter David tried to shake the story by distributing them equal powers. Yet they share many dissimilarities and give a head-to-head fight on the battlefield. It would be interesting to see whether Rick Jones save Genis and himself or they would face a terrible death. Also, the story has some involvement of Rick’s ex-wife Marlo as she might be the solution for them. 

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Damage Control 

Damage Control is one of the unsung heroes of marvel comics who earlier got into some mega-powered battles and lots of disasters. Before, Damage control was shown as a person who cleans others’ messes and takes things back to normal. Now the readers will get to know his other sides where he reveals his powers and secrets he’s been hiding for this long. Damage Control enters with the hope of starting a new life but he is unaware of what comes his way. Filled with drama, suspense, and thriller, his life goes through several uncertainties and falls into the labyrinth where there’s no way to get back. 

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Ultraman: The Mystery of Ultraseven

Giant Kaiju roam has this history of being a sinister conspirator and having some unimaginable powers and there’s no one to beat him. When Ultraman disappears, the situation starts getting slipped off from the hands. Everyone asks the United Science Patrol to handle the situation since they are the ones who started this at first. However, the organization had already planned for this and was prepared to avoid such unexpectedness. This is when our hero Shin Hayat makes his entry and goes for the hunt. 

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New Fantastic Four: Hell in a Handbasket

Now, what would happen when Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, Wolverine and Hulk come together. One thing that will surely happen is fun and adventure. Since these Fantastic Fours will be banding together, the Villains are also going to be more mysterious and advanced than the others. Marvel has now expanded the mythos of the black-costumed wallcrawler in symbiote spider man. Writer Peter David has carefully set the events of the groups with suspense and thriller that you might not find anywhere else.

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Dark Nights: Metal Omnibus

When evil dark knights rise from the multiverse, only a few superheroes would be able to save the multiverse including Batman. He uncovers a lost mystery of the universe that is on its way to destroying the DC Universe. He reunites his team and asks them to come forward for this upcoming battle with Dark Knights. However, there are only a few guesses for the danger which also increases as do the enemy and their allies. The Dark Multiverse reveals some extremity that surrounds the universe with nothing but only darkness. 

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Trials of X Volume 4

So, this will be another episode of X but here you will get an unexpected version of her. It begins with secrets and lies where Psylocke has to do some deals with Mr. Sinister. Mr. Sinister is coming back to settle his unfinished deals and give her a bite. Meanwhile, krakoa gets trapped after encountering the plant-based attack, leaving all to the Nightcrawler and others. Now, Nightcrawler is unprepared for this but he must have to act fast to avoid this or the end will be more troublesome and painful than one can expect. 

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Prodigy, Volume 2: The Icarus Society

If you loved The magic order/king of spies, here’s a bonus for you. Mark Millar is now back with his other favorite creation Edison Crane. To make it even more interesting, he has called Star wars artist Matteo Buffagni to give you a full blow to your mind. Edison crane might be the world’s smart man but he doesn’t have any idea of what will happen when an entire club of geniuses comes his way. These new mysterious faces can fly as close to the sun as can he. What would be his reaction after encountering them first? Would he be able to cope with them or are these his last days?

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