Top 10 Electric Scooty In 2022

Electric Scooties may soon outperform the petrol or diesel-run scooters/ scooties. And this won’t happen just in a single state or country. Since it is a big revolutionary idea of saving fuels and maximizing the performance of vehicles, there’s no doubt its impact will be over the entire world. However, there are several other reasons for their popularity. Electric Scooties do not require any fuel, cost you less for maintenance, and are environment friendly. Here, we have brought you the list of the best top 10 electric scooty in 2022.

If you are considering a switch but have no idea where to start, don’t worry we’ve got your back. E-scooties might be new for some people, but one can surely not ignore its advantage and compare it with a traditional scooty. Buying an electric scooty can be trickier for you. There are a few points to remember before finalizing your decision. That’s why we have tried to break the whole and present it as simply as we could. Make sure to go through each of them and pick the right one that suits you best.

Why Buy an Electric Scooty Over a Petrol or Diesel Scooty?

The biggest reason for buying an electric scooty is its minimal running cost. As these e-scooties are battery-powered, they save a significant amount of money and time you spend on petrol and diesel. Now, you will not have to worry about fuel prices since all of your needs get completed with this only.

Electric Scooties are mostly eco-friendly due to their high noise cancellation feature. They create less noise and offer the most comfortable and silent ride. Also, you don’t need to get any pollution check that you were supposed to have to avoid fines and other things.

Electric scooties consist of several advantages over conventional ones. They include affordability, zero emissions, high efficiency, and low-maintaining cost.

Things to Keep in Mind Before You Buy an Electric Scooty 

As a careful buyer, you should look for these things first before finalizing your decision. They are:

  • Battery Capacity
  • Range
  • Charging Time
  • Top Speed
  • Model
  • Prices
  • Color
  • Brakes Type
  • Weight

Top 10 Electric Scooties to Buy In 2022

NameMax SpeedPrices
Bounce Infinity E165 kmphRs. 45, 099 – 70, 499
BGauss D15 Electric60 kmphRs. 99,999 – 1.15 lakh
Hero Electric Optima45 kmphRs. 62, 190 – 77, 490
Hero Electric Photon45 kmphRs. 80, 790
Vespa Elettrica70 kmphRs 90, 000
Simple One105 kmphRs. 1.10 – 1.4 lakh
Okinawa Okhi9090 kmphRs. 1.22 lakh
Ola S1 Electric116 kmphRs. 99. 999 – 1.40 lakh
Ather 450X Electric80 kmphRs. 1.17 – 1.39 lakh
TVS iQube Electric82 kmph1.60 to 1.61 lakh

Bounce Infinity E1 

For people who have an issue of being ‘short’ in height, you can solve your problem with Bounce Infinity E1 scooty. With this e-scooty, you get several benefits. They can easily carry a weight of up to 2-3 persons. It helps you cover 85km in just a single charge. Next comes their 1.9 kWh battery capacity with 65 km/h top speed, giving you a seamless riding experience. You get to choose between three different colors – Sparkle Black, Comet Gray, Sporty Red, and Desat Silver.

BGauss D15 Electric 

If you want to buy for more than 3 persons with extra space for luggage, BGauss D15 Electric scooty can meet your requirements. This was able to clear all the road challenging tests like acceleration, braking power, high-speed handling, and others. Also, you get an extra space of carrying two full-size helmets under the seats. It gives you the top speed of 60 kmph and covers the range of 115km on a single charge. Not only this, it can charge in just 5.30 hrs due to its 3.2kWh battery capacity. You can choose between Alpine Green, Matte Black and Silver, Racing Red, and Pearl White.

Hero Electric Optima

The third in our list of top 5 electric scooty in 2022 is Hero Electric Optima. This vehicle’s purpose is to face any kinds of frictional forces. It has surpassed others in rolling resistance and air resistance. For those who can’t look straight and can’t drive a heavy vehicle, you can count Hero Electric Optima on your list. This premium e-scooty is perfect for women and aged people. It has a 7-inch dashboard with 500W rated power. You can pick a 45kmph of speed and covers the range of 140 km without any issue. Their 51.2V/ 30Ah battery capacity takes just 4-5hours of charging time. 

Hero Electric Photon

The Hero Electric Photon brings the retro look. Its aesthetic design gives the vehicle a more appealing look. Usually, when your headlights get damaged, you get a new one, right? But Hero Electric Photon carries an extra pair of under lights that come in handy in those tense situations. Picking the maximum speed of 45kmph and covering 108 km is their superiority. Also, it offers 1.87kwh of battery capacity, so 5 hours is only what it takes to charge. Talking about color choices, Silver, blue, red, and matt black is what they offer.

Vespa Elettrica 

If you want something appealing in under 1 lakh with comfortable seats and extra space for your luggage, Vespa Elettrica can give you all that with their new model. This e-scooty gives a delightful experience for long riders. How? Well, you get 70kmph of the speed limit to cover the 100km range in one charge. The next desirable feature you get is 1200W of rated power and disc brakes. And the charging time is just 3.5 hours. 

Simple One 

Simple One has sharp edges with a narrow design that makes it look futuristic. This e-scooty has been in-demand since its first launch. It is light-weighted plus two-extra compressor located in front-wheel gives you all that needs for a bad road trip. Its robotic look can be a perfect match if you want to gift it to a male. With a 300km range per charge and 105 kmph top speed, who can ignore this electric scooty? Not enough? Well, what do you think after its 4.8 kWh of batter capacity and 4500W rated power? Namma Red, Brazen Black, and Azure Blue are the colors you can have on your list. 

Okinawa Okhi90

This Okinawa Okhi90 e-scooty can make you fall instantly if you have a craze for classical beauty. If you live in a more populated area with more busy roads, this medium-sized vehicle can provide you way through such small corners. It is the mid variant in the Ridge lineup and comes with an electronically assisted braking system. Okinawa Okhi90 has a top speed of 90 kmph which goes straight for 160 km of range. It requires 3-4 hours of charging time due to its 306kWh battery capacity. The color choices between Glossy Ash Grey, Glossy Wine Red, and Glossy Pearl White can definitely make you fall for it, don’t they?

Ola S1 Electric 

Ola S1 Electric is one of the most demanded Electric scooty. This is best for two sitters only due to their small-sized seats. However, you can’t ignore their front headlights that give you a long clear view especially if it’s dark and cloudy. It consists of a modern design and offers a range of 181km per charge. The max speed limit you can go to is 116 kmph without worrying about its battery. 4kWh of battery capacity and charging time of 5 hours is the plus point of this scooty. Also, you get the anti-theft alarm and telescopic suspension. 

Ather 450X Electric

Sometimes, a bigger size might not be suitable for you that’s why we have Ather 450X Electric on our list. This futuristic e-scooty can carry 3 persons with large-sized luggage in the front space. With a small torch-shaped headline and ergonomic unibody, you have a speed limit of 80 kmph. A battery capacity of 3.7 kWh is all it takes to cover your non-stop journey of 146 km on a single charge. The braking system is of CBS while their rated power is about 3300W. 

TVS iQube Electric

This electric scooty has won all of our riding tests. TVS iQube Electric is a favorite among riders since its launch. It is more versatile and is designed to provide comfort with its dual battery variant feature. Titanium Grey, Lucid Yellow, Copper Bronze, and Racing Red are the colors you get with reverse parking and the two-disc brakes feature. Their 82kmph of top speed and 4.56 kWh of battery capacity covers a range of 145km on a single charge. What makes it even more appealing is the sufficient storage area, large dashboard, and parking assist that comes with this e-scooty. 

NameRangeBattery CapacityMax SpeedPrices
Bounce Infinity E185 km/charge1.9 kWh65 kmphRs. 45, 099 – 70, 499
BGauss D15 Electric115 km/charge3.2 kWh60 kmphRs. 99,999 – 1.15 lakh
Hero Electric Optima140 km/charge51.2V/30Ah45 kmphRs. 62, 190 – 77, 490
Hero Electric Photon108 km/charge1.87 kWh45 kmphRs. 80, 790
Vespa Elettrica100 km/charge3.9 kWh70 kmphRs 90, 000
Simple One300 km/charge4.8 kWh105 kmphRs. 1.10 – 1.4 lakh
Okinawa Okhi90160 km/charge306 kWh90 kmphRs. 1.22 lakh
Ola S1 Electric181 km/charge4 kWh116 kmphRs. 99. 999 – 1.40 lakh
Ather 450X Electric146 km/charge3.7 kWh80 kmphRs. 1.17 – 1.39 lakh
TVS iQube Electric145 km/charge4.56 kWh82 kmph1.60 to 1.61 lakh

Which Electric Scooty Should You Buy?

You should always look for the battery capacity and maximum speed before making your final purchase. And then comes other things such as range, model and most importantly their prices. For instance, if your budget is under fifty thousand and you want to buy an electric scooty for normal house chores like shopping, picking, and dropping kids from and to school, then Bounce Infinity E1 can meet your requirements.

However, if you want to buy for long-distance work and your budget is about 1 lakh, then you can go for Vespa Elettrica or Simple One.

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