Rainpoint Wifi Automatic Watering System for Indoor Potted Plants

A Wifi automatic watering system helps to automate all the needs of your plants including water. It is the newest smart-home automation system, designed specifically to take care of the plants in the owner’s absence. It might not be possible for someone to make time and effort out of their busy schedules. In such a case, the automatic watering system comes in handy that offers satisfactory services. Since most of the plant work can be controlled using their app, one can have an easy replacement for human labor and other necessities.

The automatic watering system for indoor potted plants consists of several useful features. It costs you less money, time, and effort than needed and fulfills all the requirements. You might have difficulty sensing the soil type, temperature, humidity, sunlight, etc. However, our Wifi watering system operates automatically and shares all the qualities needed for caring and managing your plants. 

What Are the Features of a Wifi Watering System for Indoor Potted Plants?

As mentioned earlier, it is difficult for humans to make an accurate guess of which type of soil their plants have, how high or low the temperature is the humidity and others that play a vital role in plant care. There are many devices available in the market but you know their prices! Also, can they meet all of your requirements with just a single machine? No, right?

What Are the Benefits of Having a Wifi Watering System for Indoor Potted Plants?

An automatic watering system for indoor plants is equipped with the latest sensors that read how much water is needed, when plants should get water, what should be the quantity for each plant, etc. 

Tedious tasks such as irrigation, sprinklings, watering cycles, and schedules can be automated and controlled via the apps that come with them. Most Wifi watering systems are designed specifically for the users’ needs and satisfaction. One can share their trust with the automatic watering device due to its 24/7 continuous working feature.  

Things You Must Not Forget When Purchasing an Automatic Watering System for Your Indoor Plants

  1. Timers: Timers help you decide how long plants get water and when they should not. Timers have an important role in the automatic watering system for your indoor plants.

Timers are categorized into two – Digital and Mechanical. Digital timers are the ones that have the most features and are convenient for the user. While Mechanical timers can be a cheaper option but we are looking for long-term profit. So digital timers are on the checklist. 

  • Manual Timing Feature
  • Waterproof Construction
  • Capacity and Length of the Hose: An automatic watering system must share enough capacity. However, the length of the hose depends on your needs. You better take a measurement and then purchase accordingly. 
  • LCDs Screen
  • Power
  • Price
  • Flow of Water: Before you get your automatic watering system, make sure to check the watering frequency, water volume, and the timing of the device. Ignoring such minor yet crucial details can cost you more time than needed. 

By this time, you might have got yourself cleared whether you should buy an automatic watering system or not. Now the next question is which one to purchase and why. We have prepared below the list of the 5 best automatic watering systems for indoor plants. Look at their features and see if they match your need. 

5 Best Automatic Watering System for Indoor Plants 2022

Raindrip Automatic Watering Kit R560DPCan manage upto 20 plants easilyIrrigation drip kitYou’ll get container and hanging baskets$30
Moistenland DIY Micro Automatic KitEasy to manage 15-20 plantsAutomatic drip irrigation with a digitally programmed water timerBest for indoor potted plants$47
SPlant Big Power Automatic Drip Irrigation KitAbout 15 plantsComes with a self-watering system of 30-day interval programmed timerA good match for indoor plants$45
Kollea Reliable Automatic Watering DeviceUpto 10 plantsEquipped with 60-day LED programmable timer and automatic drip irrigation kitIndoor plants are easily manageable with this kit$40
RAINPOINT WiFi Automatic Watering SystemManageable for upto 10 to 12 plantsHave a WiFi automatic watering systemIndoor Potted plants$42

1. Raindrip Automatic Watering Kit R560DP


Completes all the requirements of about 20 plants. 

Easy to install. 

Ideal for drip irrigation due to the adapter that reduces water pressure.


Comes with an information guide and other necessary details. 

Have an automatic watering system including a timer.


It is not very helpful for very large pots. 

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2. Moistenland DIY Micro Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit


Good for providing an appropriate amount of water. 

Don’t need to repeat the settings after you set the time once.

Consists of a 2-way power method.


You can save about 70% more water than traditional drips.

Prevents over-watering and under-watering issues.


It doesn’t have a real-time clock. 

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3. SPlant Big Power Automatic Drip Irrigation Kit


Five times more powerful pump. 

The capacity of providing 800mll/minute of water.

Steady water flows to the plants.


15 plants can be watered at once.


Siphon extra water if the reservoir and the pump are set equally.

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4. Kollea Reliable Automatic Watering System


Works automatically once you set the time interval.

Bright LED screen.

Comes with a 200mAH battery and supports USB charging.


Portable and convenient design and saves 70% more water than traditional drip irrigation. 


Asks to calibrate the water level before using it.

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5. Rainpoint WiFi Automatic Watering System


Remote-control app feature lets you manage and view watering plants manually.

Easy to customize your irrigation plan.

You can set the water duration and frequency.


Other members can take control and manage the app.

Easy to install and save 70% more water than irrigation spray.


The tubes are narrow.

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Our Personal Recommendation

We recommend you to go for RainpointWiFi Automatic Watering System. This automatic watering kit will cost you around $40-$42 and comes with a great advantage. Their built-in WiFi feature enables you to take control over your all plant needs at single platform. Since you’ll directly be monitoring over your plants’ requirements on the Rainpoint app, there wouldn’t any issue to check your plants manually.

Why Should You Buy RainpointWiFi Automatic Watering System for Indoor Potted Plants?

Rainpoint automatic watering system is easy to control with the Rainpoint app. You will get notifications when your automatic watering plant is active /Turned On or when the pump gets out of water. The automatic watering system also has a WiFi feature. But it can only connect with a dual router or 2.4GHz WiFi. 

The irrigation plan is adjustable according to weather, humidity, weeks, temperature, or sun direction. Water duration can be set from 6 seconds to 30 minutes. They also allow you to set watering frequency from 1-7 days or 1-24 hours.

The watering system accommodates 10 to 12 plants maximum with a 32.8 ft hose, 3 types of bar fittings, micro drippers, and a USB cable.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the water flow of RainpointWiFi Automatic Watering System?

The water is steady and provides about 30L per hour in the RainpointWiFi Automatic Watering System.

How many irrigation conditions we can change in RainpointWiFi Automatic Watering System?

You can choose up to 10 different irrigation conditions. It includes irrigation with humidity, weekly irrigation, irrigation with temperature, and more. 

What is the length of the hose that comes in RainpointWiFi Automatic Watering System?

RainpointWiFi Automatic Watering System hose length is 32.8 ft. It has 3 types of bar fittings and micro drippers. 

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