Yael Shelbia is a fashion model who has been a leading model for many brans and she also get to promotes Kylie Jenner skin care products

Yael Shelbia has got the tag of being the most beautiful face in the world and this tag was given to her by the TC Candler

Yael Shelbia is only 21 years old and her popularity is unmatched she looks very cute in this White dress

Malaika Arora

Yael Shelbia can make any simple pic extraordinary. In this pic she has modified Calvin Klein's t-shirt to make a very beautiful head top 

Yael Shelbia eyes are also very beautiful, her eyes are of greyish color, which are very abstract and intoxicating in which anyone can drown.

Yael Shelbia is wearing a black colored fur jacket  and showing off her cute looks, has got posed in a elegent manner

Yael Shelbia is wearing an off shoulder top in this pic which is of black color, this pic is black and white but the hotness of  Yael Shelbia is clearly visible.

Yael Shelbia photos are always in a very fresh look, even in this pic, Yael Shelbia hair looks very silky  and her dressing sense is also very good.

All types of hairstyles look good on Yael Shelbia , in this pic her hair is scattered and the white dress looks amazing on her.

Yael Shelbia fan following is very high and she keeps on uploading different posts in hot looks on her social media, due to which her fan following is increasing continuously.

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