As We Know That Winter Is Coming that's Why Days Will Start Becoming Shorter as compare to Night

On the Night of Wednesday 21 December 2022 , According to the Scientist This will be a Darkest Night Of the History

This Whole Phenomenon Called Winter Sostice , This Will Occur On 21 December For Northern Hemisphere 

And On Southern Hemisphere it will Occur On 22 December 

On this Night Sun Set Became Earlier and Rises late in the Morning Due to which it named as Winter Solstice 2022

This Is not a unusual phenomenon Humans  will observe as this occurs Everytime in the Starting Of Winter 

Due to this effect days will become shorter as compared to nights in whole world

Even this Effect reflected on your shadow as it became longer in this time of every year

There Is no specific date on which this phenomenon occurs but it arrives in same season called Winter

On this Year This Is coming on 21 December according to Northern Hemisphere