Wednesday Dance tik tok star jenna ortega  said that " I am looking like a fool on that dance and not able to sleep for 2 days due to that "

This Dance scene of wednesday dance is so hard that jenna ortega couldn't sleep for 2 days

After all the hardwork from the side of jenna ortega now this wednesday dance goes viral on tik tok

Now due to wednesday dance goes viral jenna ortega became the trend

But even after getting so much likes on wednesday dance , jenna ortega regretting for that

She said in an interview that she is not dancer and she don't have that skills

For your kind information Wednesday is a story of addams family leaded by jenna ortega

jenna ortega said that she danced as she is inspired from the performance of Siouxsie and the Banshees

According to jenna ortega this is  a bad decision by her to make this video even after getting so much likes or love

she also stressed on that she is a good actress not a good dancer