Brittney Griner is back in Basket Ball Court After 10 Months Of Detention , She was arrrested for Drug Charges On her

Brittney Griner is a star player Of Basket Ball and She is also Two Times Olympic Gold Medalist

Brittney Griner was detained on February 2022 For Drug Charges By  Russian Authorities

During The Period Of 10 Months , Brittney Griner was under Custody Of Russian Authorities

During This Whole Period , Brittney Griner was also suffered From depression . But Then also Her Fans refusing to believe the charges on her

She had a great career before this incident but after this incident she has a threat of being permanently banned by basketball federation

Russian Authorities put drug charges on her as she carried hashish oil which is a drug in her luggage at an airport near Moscow

On that Time she was going to join her main team of Basketball UMMC Yekaterinbur 

Russian Authorities said that while she was going to catch flight a sniffer dog had prompt it to check luggage

Brittney Griner was found convicted on August 2022 . She was sentenced to a penal colony for 9 years