Sophie Rundle  is an American actress who played the role of Ada Shelby   in Peaky Blinders this series was very much discussed because she played a very good role in it.

By looking at this pic, you can get an idea of how beautiful Sophie Rundle is and anyone can become a fan of her by looking at her.

In this pic, Sophie Rundle is wearing a red color dress, which looks and suits her figure very well.

Sophie Rundle  is looking very beautiful in this pic, she is wearing a Red color dress in which her face glows....

By looking at this pic, you can guess that Sophie Rundle is not only an actress but also a very beautiful model.

From this it can be understood that how Sophie Rundle  likes the combination of block and white at home and what if he has a smile.

In this pic it can be seen that how beautiful the Red color dress looks on the figure of this Ariel Winter Workman 

Looking at this pic, it seems that Sophie Rundle has gone to a party function where she is giving pleasure to people with her style.

From the speed of Sophie Rundle you can guess how creative she is and is always experimenting with her dressing sense.

This shows how beautiful a red dress looks on Sophie Rundle's figure and makes her beautiful