Looking at this pic, it can be understood that how much she is fond of modeling on Monday and she wants to do modeling so much.

In this pic, she is looking gorgeous, she has got her hair colored and is trying to give a bold and hot look.

In this pic,  she is wearing a yellow color bikini which looks great on her figure and fits perfectly.

Malaika Arora

In this pic Sommer Ray looking very beautiful because her makeup is enhancing her beauty due to which this pic is looking very beautiful

Looking at this pic, it seems that She  likes to wear bikini and feels better to do photoshoot on the beach.

Sommer Ray in this pic, a different question has been asked, which probably every model gives for their photo shoot so that their photo shoot is successful.

Sommer Ray is  looking very beautiful in this pic, both their eye block and makeup are looking very beautiful on her 

Sommer Ray it seems that she can become a very beautiful model of the coming times and can be even more professional in her work.

Sommer Ray in this pic has a very different ask which also suits her according to her city as she looks great

The most important thing in this pic is that Sommer Ray putting a very beautiful expression on my face and will try to give a hot look to my France

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