As we know, Scarlett Johansson is a most hot and sexy actress and also side by side she is also most talented actress in hollywood

Her most anticipated and awaited movie after black widow will going to land in theatres on a starting phase of 2023

Malaika Arora

This movie Is Ghosted . As we know Scarlett Johansson is a specialist of action sequence that's why this movie can make us crazy

In this Movie Scarlett Johansson is in a main lead role and Chris Evans is also casted as a supporting character

This Going To be Interesting to  experience Captain America and Natasha  combo  after Infinity War

Her Second Most awaited movie is going to be Asteroid City which is  a sci-fi movie 

This can also be a comeback chance for  Scarlett Johansson as we know that some of the previous movies like black widow unable to grab success 

Most awaited Movie Of Scarlett Johansson is  actually Avengers: Secret Wars as everyone want to see natasha again via this movie

As we know Scarlett Johansson aka Natasha Died In Infinty War but Due To existence of Multiverse Concept There is a Possibility that we wiil evidence natasha again

Fans Of Scarlett Johansson have  lots of hope from these high budget movies of Scarlett Johansson

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