Scarlett Johnson is a very famous Hollywood actress who played the role of Black Widow in Marvle and she was also very much liked.

Scarlett Johnson has worked in the best Hollywood movies, one of her movies named Lucy was very much liked

Malaika Arora

Scarlett Johnson's smile is very good, you can see in this pic how cute she looks smiling, she also has earrings in her ears

In this pic, Scarlett Johnson's hair is short and she is wearing an off shoulder red dress and her look was very much liked by her fans.

Scarlett Johnson's Hair is blonde in this pic and her lips are also very cute, her care is amazing and people are crazy about her

Scarlett Johnson's style is amazing, in this pic she is holding her hair with her hands and creating a storm in a black dress

Scarlett Johnson has given a very decent reach in this pic and she is looking at the camera she is wearing a deep neck top which looks beautiful on her

Scarlett Johnson is very famous among her fans and her fans are not only in Hollywood but all over the world, in this pic, the necklace around her neck also looks great.

Scarlett Johnson is looking absolutely on fire in this red color dress. Red lipstick on her lips is enhancing her beauty even more.

Scarlett Johnson is very fit and she takes full care of her fitness, she also exercises and maintains proper diet.

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