Rina Sawayama is a great singer and model which we will also see in John Wick Chapter 4 This is basic Ali Japanese who shifted to London with her parents and now doing amazing in film industry

Rina Sawayama  is well known for her funky style, in this pic she has kept her hair color orange, this style may look odd on other people but Riya looks amazing in this style too

Rina Sawayama eyes are sharp and hot, in this pic she is wearing a white dress and has posed side by side with her beautiful eyes, which looks Fabulous

Rina Sawayama has an athletic physique, her hotness is clearly visible in this pic, she is wearing a black bikini and the tattoo on her ribs looks very beautiful.

Rina Sawayama is wearing a very beautiful dress in this pic, earrings are also seen in her ears and very cute makeup has been done on her face, which has increased her beauty even more.

Rina Sawayama  is the perfect example of cuteness and hotness, she is showing her talent in acting as well as being a great singer and making people crazy about her.

In this pic, Rina Sawayama  is looking extremely hot, her hotness cannot be described in words, she has given a very amazing pose which is being liked by the people.

Anyone can drown in Rina Sawayama intoxicating eyes, there is a different magic in her eyes, she has very cute lips, which her fans likes very much.

This pose of Rina Sawayama  has been taken from one of her songs and her style is unmatched, her make-up is always very unique, due to which she is often in discussions.

Rina Sawayama follows her tradition, and in this pic there is something written in Japanese on her face as well, she is wearing a black color dress in which her hotness is well visible.

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