So after the huge interval of 2 years Jack Ryan's 3 Season is arrived on Amazon Prime 

As we Know Tom Clancy is in the lead role and as usual in a new mission with new problems 

This show rated 8 out of 10 by critics and audience also appreciating the acting of Tom Clancy

Genre Of the Show is fully based on Action Thriller concept which was proved by the director of the show

The Most attractive thing of the show is its timeline on which it moves

Cast of the show must be appreciated , as the climax is none other like roller coaster

Direction Of this season is also great as comparison to other shows on amazon prime

Tom Clancy is a best character according to his fans  in this show and shows the personna of him

According to the Director , Season 4 is also going to wrap and around mid of 2023 we will witness that

This is best season of this show as compared to its past seasons