Iran refused to sing the National Anthem in its opening match itself and clearly denied that this match was to be with England.

This match is a part of FIFA World Cup Iran's opening master of FIFA World Cup 2022 and when is it happening in Qatar

Seeing this whole process, the people of Iran got very angry with him and misbehaved with him, which should also happen.

Till now no one clearly understand or come out that why did this happen in Iran none of the players from their entire team sang the national anthem

He is very angry with Iran and is also threatening not to support them, he does not want to see this kind of behavior from his football team.

This incident football is a big upset because when a player of a country disrespects his country, he becomes a big jesus.

Due to this whole process, the countrymen of Iran have suffered a lot, due to which they are expressing their feelings.

No clear things have come out from the side of Iran's football players why this happened but we hope we will see things unfolding on this later.

After this terrible accident, there was a flood of tweets and replies on social media and people expressed their views.

We have seen such disrespecting incidents many times in football history but never seen such a big issue regarding the National Anthem.