Cristiano Ronaldo comes first in this list, he must come because if Cristiano Ronaldo is not there in the list of players to watch out for, then there will probably be no football.

Lionel Messi is a very good footballer but his form has not been special in the last few months and weeks and his form has also been disappointing in the last few months but Lionel Messi is a player of the big platform I hope there is a lot

Robert Lewandowski is going through a very beautiful formin his career, his form is such that whoever is in front, he will still score his goal, if the biggest teams are not able to stand in front of him, then there is hope for him in FIFA.

Luka Modric is a central midfielder in which his performance is highly appreciated up and down because his form is sometimes very good and sometimes very bad due to which he has not been able to become a consistent player but on the big platform things are different

Sergio Busquets is a very good player who has mastered the keel, he can beat anyone on the basis of his scales and can score goals in front of any strong defender and his form is also going well so expect a lot from him Is

Kevin is a specialist in fielding and no other player can do better than him, the goals scored by him were commendable, there is a lot of hope from him in this world cup.

Takefusa Kubo is one of the best players from Japan who will play for Barcelona in this FIFA Cup. He is a right winger and a very smart player. He has scored many goals for his team, so the expectations from him increase.

Although no goal is targetted by virgil , but even then, saving a goal is equal to hitting a goal in football. that's why he is really a exceptional player

Pedri is a midfielder of FC Barcelona and very beautiful mill fielding. There is no other player like him, he is so energized that he works for his team at the very end times.

Karim Benzema is a very good player and no one else has the same scale as him. What he has given to football, probably no one will be able to give him the ability like him, but maybe that is why he is the most important player in his team