Hearing the name of Kaalin Bhaiya, you remember Mirzapur because Pankaj Tripathi is brilliant because of this his fans are waiting for Mirzapur 3

Shweta Tripathi and Isha Talwar who did a strong acting in Mirzapur 2 were well received by the audience.

Guddu Pandit who Ali Faizal, his acting is so great that his fans like him very much, due to which Mirzapur

People of Pankaj Tripathi's acting are equally crazy because their acting comes in itself, which people like very much.

Fans are waiting for season 3 because of Pankaj Tripathi he played a great character in Mirzapur season one and season two.

With Munna Bhaiya, the audience has loved it so much that they are eagerly waiting for their Mirzapur Season 3

All the express working in mirzapur in which pankaj tripathi as Akhandanand  munna bhaiya who is Divyenndu given their best performance

It is known from the name of Mirzapur that this person is based on an incident called web series Mirzapur

All the artists working in Mirzapur gave their best performance, because of this, all the people are waiting for Mirzapur season 3.

Mirzapur movie which is ruling the hearts of its fans, actors who are very much liked playing their characters

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