Mimi Keene is a very beautiful actress who was much liked in the role of Ruby Mathews in the Netflix web series Sex Education.

There is no match to Mimi Keene;s beauty, she is wearing a black color dress in this pic and she is drinking lemon juice on the side of a lake

 This pic of Mimi Keene  is taken from the sex education web series, in which anyone could have been crazy about her cuteness and people did so.

Malaika Arora

Mimi Keene  has done a great acting in that web series, she has played the role of an arrogant girl, which people liked very much.

Mimi Keene cuteness is amazing, in this pic you can see she is wearing a white frock and the glow of her face is unmatched

In the sex education web series, her relationship with the Otis was very much liked by the people and people started considering them as girlfriend boyfriend in reality as well.

Mimi Keene smile is very sweet, in this pic also she is laughing very beautifully she is sitting in a park and earrings in her ears increasing her beauty

Mimi Keene  will soon be back with his best acting in Sex Education Season Four, people are eager to see Mimi Keene in the web series.

In this pic, Mimi Keene is looking very hot, she also has a lockit of R letter around her neck, R means Ruby Mathew, which role she did in sex education web series

Mimi Keene is very hot and fit she takes care of her fitness and wants to be a very famous actress in future