Although Mahira Khan is the most beautiful actress of Pakistan, but her style had left its mark in India too, due to which the movie was a hit.

In this pic, Mahira Khan is wearing a very beautiful dress in which her figure is clearly visible and the dress of this pick looks very beautiful on her.

Mahira Khan's face expression in this pic is very beautiful and her ability is commendable, such a face expression can only be given by the best actor.

Malaika Arora

In this pic, Mahira Khan is wearing a very beautiful dress which is yellow in color and looks gorgeous on her quick

It can be seen in this pic that after Mahira Khan, coming in front of her eyes, she is reducing the beauty of her face but making the pic beautiful.

Mahira Khan's smile in this pic is amazing and seeing her, anyone can become crazy about her, the smile has so much power

In this pic, Mahira Khan has tried an atrangi dress which looks colorful and shows her figure clearly.

In this pic, Mahira Khan's hair is looking very beautiful, she is open and looks absolutely velvet, her face is perfect on this

Looking at this pic, it seems that Mahira Khan has gone to a feast and is enhancing her beauty by seeing a very beautiful post....

Seeing this pic, it is understood that whether Mahira Khan should pose or not, because of her beauty, the pic automatically becomes viral.

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