As we Know  Lionel Messi is a star player in football and playing for Argentina and was able to win cup in Qatar 2022

 Lionel Messi don't have retirement plans from football in 2 or 3 years

According to his vision he want to win another cup for argentina in 2025 qatar

 Lionel Messi is  a most skilled player in footbal there is lots of comparison he faced between Ronaldo and him

In the Comparison between Ronaldo and Messi . He  faced Lots Of Criticism and face lots of hate after losing 

As we know Ronaldo is known for his Work Ethic And  Lionel Messi  known for his Football Skills and Talent

 Lionel Messi   is looking very beautiful in this pic, she has vision on his eyes and has given a very beautiful post taking the support of her hair.

 Lionel Messi is looking very Attractive in this pic, she has pose more beautiful in this pic, although this pic is very Bright  but whenever He is looking very beautiful

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 Lionel Messi is looking gorgeous in this pic Vision on his eyes is adding to the beauty of this pic