Laura Vandervoort is a well-known and very beautiful Canadian actress who has worked in the best movies like The Entitled , This Means War

Laura Vandervoort has a very bold pose in this pic, she is wearing a black transparent lingerie, in which her figure looks extremely hot.

Laura Vandervoort  has shown her style with a very cute smile in this pic, her hair is long blonde, and her style is unmatched

Laura Vandervoort has posed very strange in this pic, her hair looks completely different and her deep black eyes are very beautiful.

Laura Vandervoort is wearing a white color dress in this pic and her eyes are very beautiful, her eye color is gray and this look is looking very amazing.

Looking at Laura Vandervoort , it seems that she is a nymph descended from heaven, her way of looking is also very beautiful and lovely

Laura Vandervoort is looking very cute in this pic too, her hair is short and her dress suits on her. Laura feet are soo soft and hot 

Laura Vandervoort is wearing an off-shoulder top of black color, her ears are also seen with earrings like chillies and she has tied her hairs

Laura Vandervoort always likes to live simple and she rarely dyes her hair because she loves her hair and people like her too.

This pic of Laura Vandervoort can win the heart of any person, she is wearing a blue colored top in which her flexible waist is also visible which is wonderful.