Judges Foind out Tory Lanez a Canadian Rapper guilty in megan thee stallion murder case

Tory Lanez a canadian superstar found guilty by group of judges in Los Angeles

Tory Lanez is a 30 year old rapping artist who is accused of carrying fully loaded fire arem in his car

Lawyer from the side of megan thee stallion said some thankful work to jury in Los Angeles

megan thee stallion whose actual name is Megan Pete , Shooted by Tory Lanez in her feet due to which her feet got injured very badly

Now Surgery is under process of megan thee stallion by which bullets can be took out

Now the punishment for the crime by Tory Lanez will be announced  on January 27 2023

Tory Lanez was arrested from his house after his crime

Megan Pete  and Tory Lanez both are  a good artist in music industry 

megan thee stallion was shooted by Tory Lanez on her Both of the feet due to which she got serious injury