After arresting Sam Bankman-Fried now his lieutenant Caroline Ellison got arrested on the charge of Crypto Price Manipulation

Caroline Ellison is a CEO of hedge fund, Alameda Research and now charged on the basis of Fraud

The Other Person got pleaded Guilty in this Case is Gary Wang Who is a FTX co-founder 

Sam Bankman-Fried is in the custody of FBI and his two Partners Caroline Ellison , Gary Wang are pleaded to Guilty

As We Know Sam Bankman-Fried resigned From the Post Of ceo After The huge collapse of FTX on November 11

Caroline Ellison is alleges due to a fraud that is she diverted some assets of FTX to Almeda

Now , Sam Bankman-Fried who was charged due various criminal charges transferring to Brooklyn Jail on Wednesday

Before arrest Caroline Ellison was seen in coffee shop 

Where she said, She is a cooperating witness of this case according to SEC

After That SEC stated that both Caroline Ellison and Gary Wang are cooperating Witness of this Case