Kris Jenner Birthday Party

Kim Kardashian's family surprised Kris Jenner that everyone got shocked . And again people became crazy about the Kim Kardashian family

Kris Jenner, who is the mother of Kim, had her birthday on November 5 and the whole Family, congratulated her in a very different manner.

By the way, every year Kris Jenner's birthday is made with pomp and her entire family gives her many gifts and surprises.

But this time Kim Kardashian's entire family gave her such a surprise that even on social media, people are not shying away from applauding.

This time the sister of whose audition took the look of her mother Kris Jenner and posted a post on social media, due to which people are very happy and applauding.

However, the entire family posted their look on social media handle like Kris Jenner, due to which Kris Jenner is also very happy and her birthday became even more special.

As we all know how hot Kim Kardashian is, just like her, Kris Jenner also does not shy away from showing her hotness.

Kim's family has created a huge empire by showing her beauty and hotness, in which Kris Jenner as a  mother plays very important role

Kris has turned 67 on his birthday, even after his age, I take good care of my fitness and follow a proper diet routine.

People sometimes say that the Kim Kardashian got her beauty only from Kris Jenner because in her youth, she also  looks very hot.

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