Khloe Kardashian Dating Rumours with Michele Morrone

Sources are saying that Khole had crush on Italian Actor Michele Morrrane since 3-4 months. Lets find our what's the reality

Kardashian was spotted with him at Fashion Week Show on Sep 24 . Its the First time when they were seen together .

Michele Recently Posted a photo with Khloe, Holding her back and showing his love towards her . That pic clears a lot of things

Khloe had an breakup with Tristan The Last year . She had Babies with him too. So it would be hard to be in relationship with Michele 

Though this is still not completely clear weather they are Dating in Real or  these are just rumors....

But Most chances are that Khloe Kardashian and Michele Morrone are dating. As Kardashian was not dating since some time

It may happen that they will marry soon. As Khloe had gone through Many breakups and now she need someone loyal to him.

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