Johnny Depp is a very beautiful actress who also showed her character in  Pirates Of The Caribbean people liked her role very much in that movie

Johnny Depp is a great actor in hollywood who was also recently under spotlights due to his divorce with Amber Heard

As a audience we have already witnessed his personna in piratesof the carribean series

Now the question is Will we are able to witness Johnny Depp personna again in any of his movie in 2023

The Biggest question is Will Johnny Depp join the film industry again after facing the tragedy in his life

Then the answer is Yes we are going to witness his new movie

La Favorite will be his comeback movie and even there is some rumors that he will return as Jack sparrow in Pirates Of The Carribean Part 6

It will be a miraculous view to see Johnny Depp again in theatres via La Favorite 

Even we will see him in a lots of serious character  in his upcoming movies

Johnny Depp is looking handsome in this pic  on her eyes is adding to the beauty of in this pic