Jen Shelter is a fitness model and Instagram Influencers who has around  13 million followers and people are crazy about her fitness

Beautiful hot figure is seen in every pic of Jen Shelter, in this pic also she is wearing a black bikini and her hand is kept in her hair, the beauty is amazing.

When Jen Shelter comes out on street with her hot figure, the eyes of the viewers are always on her and she also gets many things from her followers.

Jen Shelter has posed back showing her hot booties in pic, her look is becoming very viral on social media, she also has black glasses on her eyes which is increasing her hotness even more.

Jen Shelter also promotes many fitness bands due to her awesome fitness, often a silver color watch is seen in her hand which suits her a lot.

People are crazy about Jen Shelter booties, in this pic too, she has shown her booty beautifully by the side of the small swimming pool and her hair is open which looks even better

Jen Shelter regularly follows a hard exercise routine and she also posts gym related posts on her instagram, in which people also love seeing her hot figure.

Jen Shelter body is lean, you also get to see her abs,  she took this pic on the side of the swimming pool in which her hairs are wet and her hot body is no match

Jen Shelter has taken this pic on her bed, even in this she could not hide her hot figure, she is wearing a very beautiful black bikini and her open hair is adding fire to her hotness

Jen Shelter eyes are also very beautiful and her hot figure is awesome this pic is becoming viral on social media and people are giving her a lot of love.