Jasmine Tookes  is a very beautiful American model who won the Victoria's Secret Angel in the year 2014, due to which she got a very popular city.

Jasmine Tookes  says that he has taken this task very seriously and he started saying that only at the age of 15

In this pic you can see how beautiful Jasmine Tookes  is looking in this dress, her black and white combination is amazing.

In this pic as you can see how beautiful Jasmine Tookes smile is and her smile makes this pic stand out

In this pic, Jasmine Tookes  is seen growing out of her hair, she is wearing innerwear and it seems that she wears innerwear.

In this pic , she has given a very beautiful pose in which she is looking very good and is making this pic even more beautiful....

Looking at this pic, it seems that she  has gone to the function or party yesterday where she is showing herself better

Looking at this pic, you can get an idea of how well Jasmine Tookes  is doing in her acting career and how well she will do.

In this pic, Jasmine Tookes  is seen while  Ramp walk and she is showing how expert she is in this, her style has been well-liked by the people....

This pic tells us that if you don't have a good face but have a great passion and passion for your career then you can do anything.