Itziar Ituno was a Spanish Actres who has shown  in his performance In Web series,Web series are Money Heist, Intimacy

In This Pic Itziar Ituno  has got a very nice photo shoot done with a beautiful dress.

Looking at this pic, it seems that Itziar Ituno has gone to the farewell party of a party or a movie and is showing her talent in the party by giving a very beautiful post to the media there.

Looking at this pic, you can guess that when Itziar Ituno Gives Normal Pose, she looks very beautiful and her dress looks very beautiful on her.

In this pic Itziar Ituno is looking where she  is  Wearing Black Color Dress Which Looks Very Good And Fits According To Her Figure...

In this pic Itziar Ituno has given a different look to this pic by giving a strange pose, due to which people are watching this pic a lot.

Looking at this pic, you can get an idea of how much Itziar Ituno likes to be in the middle and how much she likes to pose for Pics Without Intimacy

In this Pic Itziar Ituno is wearing a black  dress and  is making this pic even better by giving a beautiful pose....

An attempt has been made to give a Best Pic from Itziar Ituno and her face expression is also amazing due to which the pic can go viral.

Itziar Ituno  Expressions are worth seeing in this pic, she has confirmed her applause in this pic by giving a beautiful pose.