2nd January 2023 is a most important day in the history of Illinois Fighting Illini football

llinois win the worldcup and waiting from 2011 which is a longtime for them

llinois also made history afetr winning cup in this season

Players of the llinois said in an interview that taht they enjoyed the game while playing

They also said that this is a most exciting match for them

As we know Ana de Armas is a superstar in America that's why if she was casted in some movie then definitely she will be in a main lead role

Fans of the teams saw a great game today and evidence a huge historic day in the fotball history

After a whole decade they win this game after all they are waiting from 2011

This victory wil give  a huge confidence to llinois for upcoming season

Players are so excited to enjoy this victorious day in their life after 2011