Avatar: The Way Of Water is a Toppest nomination of golden globes 2023 . This Movie will land on 16 December 2022  in theatres

Elvis is a mass entertainer movie which is successful  to make the place in the heart of Audience

As Anyone Can understand from the headline of the poster of this what this movie is about and this proves a blockbuster on box office

This movie is a also proves a blockbuster as audience likes the concept of this movie and the acting of Cate Blanchett

As We Know Top Gun maverick was a most anticipated movie from hollywood Due to the personna of Tom Cruise

Babylon is a most underrated movie ever this movie has a great work on cast and in the story also

The Banshees of inisherin is a also most engaging movie and most importantly in the climax

This movie is a depict that how visionary director think when he writing story from some project that's why this  a masterpiece

Majority part of the audience love the 1st part of the movie due its special storyline and due to its cast

Triangle of sadness is a normal movie with a normal story but due to acting of actors this movie is able to connect with thier audience