There is a very beautiful American-born Irish  Actress .Emily Beecham who has earned her name by acting for American Drama Cruella and has brought her name into the limelight.

The director of her movies says that she is a very beautiful actress and also very talented, you can explain anything to her and she is eager to understand.

Looking at this pic, it can be understood that Emily Beecham has given Beautiful Pose with a Smile

Malaika Arora

Emily Beecham is so beautiful that she looks gorgeous even without makeup and can match any actress

Emily Beecham has achieved a lot in her early career time, who was not a good actress  she has done movies with big actors.

Emily Beecham is looking very beautiful in this pic The mascara on her eyes is adding to her beauty The red color lipstick she has applied looks amazing

In this pic, a very beautiful post has been posted by Emily Beecham, which I am very fond of in the evening and is adding more beauty to it with her smile.

Looking at this pic, it can be understood that how much Emily Beecham loves to do Modelling  and wants to be a celebrity and how happy she is with her life

By looking at this pic you can understand how much Emily Beecham  loves her friend and how much respect she gives to her and how pure her heart is

An effort has been made to give a very bold look in this pick which suits their hom-e well and It also suit Her

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