Elle Fanning is an American actress who made her film debut at a very young age in which she did drama film and she got the role of child actress, she is a very beautiful actress.

Looking at Elle Fanning, it seems that she knows acting as well as modeling very well and her style is very special.

In this pic, it can be clearly seen how beautiful Elle Fanning is looking and she has attracted everyone's attention by wearing goggles on her eyes.

In this pic, it can be seen that Elle Fanning has tried to give a bold look in which she is wearing a red colored innerwear....

In this pic it can be seen that Elle Fanning has probably stepped out of her house and the media has surrounded her so that she can take a photo shoot of her

In this pic, how beautiful Elle Fanning looks when she puts on a gorgeous due to  makeup on her face

It can be seen in this pic that the background is completely dark but still the whole pic is lighted due to Elle Fanning's face.

Elle Fanning that looking at this pic, it looks like she has gone to a party or function where she is giving a beautiful pose and doing a nice photo shoot...

Elle Fanning is looking very beautiful in this pic She has made this pic amazing with her beautiful smile...

In this pic you can see how much Elle Fanning experiments with her dresses and changes them frequently