Doutzen Kroes is a hot models and actress she is very beautiful and her figure looks amazing, due to which her fan following is very  high.

Doutzen Kroes fitness looks amazing . In this picc, she is wearing a pink color bikini and panty. His light abs are also seen.

Malaika Arora

Doutzen Kroes is wearing a very amazing dress in this pic. Her bikini looks amazing and Doutzen Kroes lips are also very beautiful.

Doutzen Kroes has performed beauty well by bending  her waist in this pic, most of her body is visible which is amazing

Doutzen Kroes eyes are blue color, which are very few people, due to which her beauty increases even more.

Anyone can be crazy about Eliza's acts and anyone can sit in love with Doutzen Kroes hair, which looks very beautiful

Doutzen Kroes is also known as a fitness model, her fitness is amazing and her waist is very beautiful and flexible.

Doutzen Kroes often puts photos in a bikini, which her fans like and give her a lot of love, due to which her fan following is very high.

Doutzen Kroes  is wearing a dark brown color bikini in this pick and her hotness reached  on fire. she is sooo hot and cute

Doutzen Kroes being a hot and fitness model, takes great care of her fitness and follows proper diet and exercise routine.

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