As we know Denzel Washington is a most badass actor in hollywood industry and inside man is a most popular master piece of him

As we can observe from the personality of Denzel Washington that his looks are like a badass gangster that's why american gangster is one of the best movie of him

Mo' Better Blues is also a best movie of Denzel Washington which depicted his personna 

Devil in a Blue Dress is the best movie of Denzel Washington had ever made

He Got Game is a inspirational film where Denzel Washington acted as a mentor in this movie

Philadelphia is 90's time movie that's why this is a most lovable movie of him

As we know Will Smith is a good friend of Denzel Washington that's why for John Q Will Smith gave some master tips to Denzel Washington

flight is a movie which based on aeroplane accident and in 20's century we have seen its remake

This movie unstoppable is based on a accident which takes place in train

In this movie glory their is a scene of war and consequences of war