During the training camp Doug Pederson introduced a navy seal member to his team

Name of that navy seal member is Jocko Willink who had done a harsh training in past for navy seal 

According to the American football coach Doug Pederson , A navy seal's member experience can play a vital role for making a comeback of team 

that's why he introduced Jocko Willink to his team due to which his team can make a comeback

According to the advice of Jocko Willink that if you have to face hard circumstances then don't just stucked on problems you have to say "Good" to yourselves 

By which you are able to sustain that hard problems 

and you are able to get desired results by which you are able to make comeback 

According to the Jocko Willink this is  a philosophy that turn challenge into oppurtunity 

Trevor Lawrence looks so much impressed with this philosophy 

Through this philosophy he was able to make comeback in his match