Catherine Reitman is a very beautiful And multitalented  artist who act and sing in movies  she is very much liked by the people, she has fascinated people with her performances.

Catherine Reitman  was played a very strong role in the movie Kindergarten Cop, it is an movie

In this pic, it can be seen how beautifully she is standing by giving a flower Glooming pose and doing a nice photo shoot.

Malaika Arora

Kindergarten Cop has made very beautiful movies like Secret Invasion and many more have been Made with beautiful acting from Her side.

Kindergarten Cop  is looking very cute in this pic and seeing them it seems that some beauty fairy is standing in front of us and has given a very beautiful pose.

This pic is taken from a farewell Party of movie in  which she is giving a beautiful pose in this pic

Although you will not get to see much of O Kindergarten Cop's pose, but her style is enough for anyone's of her fan.

She is looking very beautiful everyday in this pic, she is seen doing all the creativity with her hair and a beautiful pise given by her

In this pic , she has given a legendary pose, which only a professional model can give, except her, no one will be able to do this pose in such a good way.

In this pic, Kindergarten Cop has tried to give a Bold look, she is wearing a beautiful cheesy dress and her photo shoot is also amazing.

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