Anne Hathaway is a very beautiful actress who has worked in the best movies like The Dark Night, Love and Other Drugs and has also won the Emmy Award and Academy Award.

Amy Hathaway is wearing a very beautiful red color dress in this pick and has won the hearts of people with very cute smile, her hair looks very beautiful too.

Annie Hathaway looks more cute in this pick, as well as enhancing her beauty, she has red lipstick on her lips and hair is open on the ears.

Malaika Arora

Annie Hathaway is wearing a black color dress in this pic, in which she looks very beautiful in her eyes and earrings in the ears which are very much on them

Annie is doing amazing in this pic , her hair is looking dark black and she has given a pose looking at the camera, people liked this pic a lot on social media.

Emilia Clarke has posed as 90's decade and looks Nice in this pic, she is also wearing a very beautiful dress and is holding her hair with her hand, people liked her style.

Anne Hathaway smile is very cute, in this pic you can see she is wearing a red hot dress, she also has beautiful earrings in her ears which look great on he

Anne Hathaway style of look is unique and tremendous, her lips also look very beautiful, her eyes are also very beautiful, she is wearing a tight dress of sky blue color in this pic

Anne Hathaway is wearing a black dress and has given a nice pose while looking at the camera which was very much liked by the people

Anne Hathaway also does modeling and is covered in many magazines, her fitness is also discussed all over Hollywood.

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