On Tuesday Judges said that movie studios can be fined due to false advertising

This lawsuit law came under role due to the two fans of Ana de Armas who filed case on Trailer of Yesterday

Actually Whole drama starts when these two fans of Ana de Armas seeing a trailer of Yesterday and observed that role of Ana de Armas was cutted in last part

For your kind information Ana de Armas is in a lead role in this movie but trailer of this movie is not depicted that thing

Due to this Director of this movie have to pay fine as it comes under lawsuit

As we know Ana de Armas is a superstar in America that's why if she was casted in some movie then definitely she will be in a main lead role

This trailer has a slight view of Ana de Armas but she is in a main lead role which is ironical thing

This verdict can be  a problematic one for marvel studious due to their trailer release

As we know in infinity war there are some scenes shown in trailer which are not in movie

This verdict can force some compabies like marvel studios to pay the fine due to this act for more advertising