Alexandra Daddario is a very beautiful and amazing actress and model, whose beauty is discussed far and wide, she has made people crazy with her acting in the best movies.

Alexandra Daddario's eyes are of blue color, which are of very few people, her eyes look very beautiful and people are crazy about her eyes.

In this pic, Alexandra Daddario is looking hot, her eyes and the kajal in her eyes is very good, she has done simple hair, yet her style is amazing.

This pic is very hot of Alexandra Daddario. In this pic alexander  is under water and he is wearing nothing, his back is looking full and it looks like he might have set the water on fire too

Alexandra Daddario that this pic is also very bold and hot, her pose is a perfectand  unit, the reflection of her body is seen in the water as well as she is wearing a red color bikini and panty, 

Alexandra Daddario always gives different Poses , in this pic she is wearing blue color glasses and blue color swimming dress in which she is looking very beautiful.

Alexandra Daddario is very cute in this pic you can see that there is no limit to her cuteness, her hair is also suiting her very much and she is wearing a beautiful blue color dress.

Alexandra Daddario fitness is amazing, she is wearing a white bikini in this pic . Her body is smooth like butter.

Alexandra Daddario has very intoxicating eyes you can see in this pic she is wearing a simple black bikini and she is looking very cute and beautiful

Alexandra Daddario is very fit and she is known for her model look. She is wearing a black coat in this pic.

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