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The last of us game is one of the most popular game in the world made by Naughty Dogs, which is a very well known video game company who has a fans in all over the world . The most special thing about this gaming company is the way they designed graphics and set up VFX on their project and also spend huge amount of capital on their video games to entertain there fans who has a vast anticipation and hope from them . Even designed graphics are so special that as soon as the game is released, it became viral in a just few seconds after releasing . So as the hype of this franchise is still continues that’s why fans are waiting in a very impatient manner for the release date of The last of us game part 3 . Recently director of the gaming company answered the frequently asked questions of their fans and gave some important hints in the perspective of The last of us game 3 . Keep Reading to get some awesome hints for the future of The last of us game

Hints unveiled on the interview by the director

Neil Druckmann said that “Currently we all are working on the story of The last of us game 3 and keep doing many discussions on it because it is very important that the storyline of this game should be very special and different from the previous versions of the game . Even not only different or special it also have quality to engage audience on the storyline as previous parts of the game done in the past . To make it more better we are currently interacting with our fans through a live session and working on their demands to make it more better and interactive and we are trying our best to make it good ” . The most important highlight of the session is that the part 3 is on the way and we are able evidence it very soon

Future of The last of us game

He said “Recently 2 days back episode 1 of The last of us has been released which has been liked by the people and its second episode is also going to be released on Sunday, its episode 2 has been in great discussion and it seems that Maybe whole series can be super duper hit people said that both game and show are very similar so they are liking this series also like game and its craze is increasing among people and it is getting lots of applause from the audience .

As this franchise is also taking a lot of accolades like Game of Thrones had taken and gave a lot of entertainment to its audience, similarly this franchise and the show both are wonderful and people are liking it a lot so we will try our best to supply more stuff related to the upcoming versions of game in 2023 “

Storyline of The last of us game part 3

When the director was asked about the storyline of the game, he said that right now we are working on its story only and for that we are taking the help from our audience by interacting them through live sessions and hope that in 2023 we will be able to give you more information related to it

Why Druckmann denied to follow the way of G.O.T

The director clearly said that he wants to work in his franchise in his own way and show it the right direction, he does not want to make any huge mistake like the franchise like Game of Thrones, due to which it has to bear the brunt of it and they get a single piece of hate from their audience


Although the director gave a lot of great information and also explained about many technicalities, but the most highlighted thing of this whole session is that part 3 of this game is set to be released, it has been confirmed by the director’s words.

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