Sundance Film Festival submissions 2023

Sundance Film Festival 2023

Sundance Film Festival 2023 was started on 19 Jan in United States . So as we are aware that Covid-19 has been spreading in US in a very rapid manner . Due to which majority part of the crowd in United States is facing the trauma of upcoming wave of Covid-19 . So Sundance Film Festival 2023 was organised virtually in a very safe manner by keeping an eye on upcoming wave of Covid-19 in US . But usually guests of the festival was attended festival in a physical way . So this time a question is arising in the majority’s mind that will the organisers of the festival have to face a huge loss as compared to past years due to loss of majority crowd in the festival . The last time Sundance Film Festival was organized in 2020, at that time both people’s views and reviews were very heartwarming and people also enjoyed it a lot, but this time it is slightly different as compared to Sundance Film Festival 2020 . So it is going to be quite hard for anyone to predict the outcome of Sundance Film Festival 2023 . To know about the results we have to wait till the end date which is 29 Jan . To know about the top highlights of the festival keep reading

Topmost contenders in winner’s list

Chloe Demont’s “Fair Play”

Although many documentaries including shows were shown in the Sundance Film Festival 2023, in which many beautiful and talented artists have worked and many well-known directors have left their mark on it by direct and produce in a very unique manner, but even then also there were some films and documentaries about which people people gossip a lot . One of most highlighted documentary in this category was Chloe Demont’s “Fair Play” . Fair Play is a relationship genre film . It was also the most trending film on all over the social media . This whole film has been revolving around the story of a man, whatever he wanted in his life, starts going away from his hands and he never gets what he always tries to get, because of which many problems arises in his life and because of those problems, he gets very angry and he vents this anger on the one who is going to support him throughout his life, that is, his girlfriend. Domont was directed the film in a very artistic way in this whole film. He depicted the whole scenario even while focusing on sexuality, gender and hidden relationship that is the most highlighted positive point about this film

Kristen Roupenian’s “Cat Person”

And the second film is  “Cat Person”, it is also very wonderful film, people liked it very much, and this film is also based on a relationship genre, About this film people gave very satisfied reviews, Although the story is quite similar to “Molly Maxwell” movie released in 2013, but its climax will surprise anyone, the story begins with a girl’s character played by Emilia Jones who is 20 years old and a college student, she has a misery of money, due to which she works in a local theater to earn . Where she meets a boy’s character played by Nicholas Braun . One day and after that both of them get into realtionship. They get tied up in a relationship, this whole story sounds like typical relationship film, but its climax will left you astonished, it is also the topmost positive point of the film, because of which this film has grabbed lots of appreciation through the context of story

Qualification for Sundance Film Festival

After the interval of 9 days, the juries finalized 84 films and 59 short films and gave the audience a chance to vote and decide the winner of the Film Festival 2023. Sun Dance Film Festival is very popular in the United States and people like this festival very much. Because in this they get a chance to vote for their favorite movie, so it is very important that they choose the deserving winner of Film Festival because the winner’s prize is very high, due to which the life of the film star could change completely and maybe he may get some more good oppurtunity in his upcoming career. It is all determined by an audience vote that who wins the prize. The winner of the Film Festival is given an amount of around $20,000 which might motivate him to give some more majestic performances on screen

Last time winners

Film Festival 2020 had two winners announced . One of it was ‘Minari’ and second one was ‘Boys State’ both films liked by audience due to its attention grabbing storyline and that’s why was able to make a place in the hearts and minds of the audience . Due to which it was declared winner by the jury .


Sundance Film Festival 2023 is going on as its starting date was 19nth Jan and we will have to wait for 29nth June to meet the winners of the festival . when we will know which is the film which has managed to make its place in the hearts of the people. By the way, about 110 films have been finalized by the jury, which is quite less from last time as last time in 2020 film festival, about 84 films were finalized and 59 short films were finalized by the juries, but this time only 110 films have been finalized including short films and documentaries, so maybe it is not so difficult for the audience to vote and let’s hope that the film industry will also get a new star.

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