Prediction of Philadelphia Eagles vs. San Francisco 49ers match

49ers vs bengals

The Philadelphia Eagles are one of 3 teams, who has not been losed a single match in past 3 weeks in NFC tournament and would like to maintain that record against San Francisco also, but this matchup will be a bit tricky for them as the Philadelphia Eagles travel to San Francisco to play this Match. San Fransisco will have to host this match on Sunday, Jan. 29, at Lincoln Financial Field and if we look at the past history of Philadelphia Eagles vs San Francisco 49ers then we will see that Philadelphia Eagles have always been heavy on the strong team like San Francisco but this time, The circumstances will be different because this time the Philadelphia Eagles have to play in the conditions of San Francisco and adapt themselves according to their conditions. There is a slight advantage in this match for San Francisco because they have to play the match at their home. Could prove to be a little bit advantageous which is why we should probably pick San Francisco the winner of this match up because of their solid team and the advantage they’ve got changes the wind of this match and tells that maybe we see San Francisco winning this match but it would be wrong to underestimate the Philadelphia Eagles as they have won the last 5 of which 6 match and lost to San Francisco.

Reasons why Philadelphia Eagles will upset San Fransisco 49ers

Although Eagles has started slowly but their defense and attack can give them the lead anytime in the match and this is the biggest positive point of Philadelphia Eagles that they know how to convert their mistakes into advantages and know how to change the flow in a few minutes. They are performing very well in Kelly’s system and 6-1 straight up and 5-2 against the spread in the last 7 matches which are not played at their home condition, so it can be guessed that there is a big upset in this match. And anyway the Philadelphia Eagles have a pretty good record against San Francisco and they have defeated San Francisco 5 times in the last 6 matches and the biggest thing is the 5 matches was in the consecutive series

Why The San Francisco could hinder the Eagles’ Victory trek

Although San Francisco 49ers has lost many matches in this NFL tournament but they have a great team . They have won many matches in this tournament which was probably very difficult but then also they fight back and won those matches . They just need to show their basics in front of Eagles . They have to go to the field with a very strong mindset and execute their plans, although San Francisco is coming after losing their last match in front of the Bears, but we should know that San Francisco 49ers is a very great team and I am sure that during Eagle’s match, They will definitely give their Fans a chance to be happy against Eagles and will also give their Fans a chance to erase all the defeats from their mind


Smart pick in Philadelphia vs Eagles match, which will be played on 29th january, Sunday . We have to understand all latest trends and based on team analysis then we have to finalise our prediction . According to the latest trends and analysis San Francisco is very good team they have nothing to lose. they and can destroy the opponent like a wounded lion if they gets her basics right and her mindset right but now, only the eagles are the most favourable team to win this match as they have a solid defense and attack and all their Players are looking in form due to which it would not be wrong to say that perhaps Philadelphia will go ahead in this tournament and San Francisco will have to lose this Match. The best thing about Philadelphia Eagles is their system according to which they plan their match. According to the coach of Philadelphia Eagles ” The players of the Philadelphia Eagles sweat a lot in the ground and during the practice session and take every practice session very seriously and I am sure that we will probably win this match “

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