Mirabel Stuart | American actress 2022

Mirabel’s love or passion for acting was very first discovered when she was just two years old as she used to perform nursery rhymes in the bathroom! She is now a very popular seasoned actress and sought-after commercial model. She is trained at Arts Ed Drama School, and her skills in both UK and American TV Dramas are famous, as well as Bollywood films; she also brings much wealth of experience to any of the projects, and recently, she stepped into Hollywood, and she has added stunts to her bow performing just as Christine Palmar in Marvel’s latest movie Dr Strange.

For the MiddleEast, Mirabel has also completed 200 plus episodes in her own TV show, which is for the Dubai-based B4U Channel, and at home in London, she has worked alongside with the Award-winning Rachel Shenton and on ITV’s Emily Atack’s comedy show.

She also enjoys voicing in Disney + animations, as well as doing commercials for Labello, Nivea Love Island and Amazon Alexa. As a model, she has been working for many global brands, including 02, Costa, Tesco, The Four Seasons, Baileys, UEFA, Showcase Cinemas, Kenwood HM Government and HBO.

Mirabel is also often complimented or commented on how easygoing she is to work with and describes her flexibility to adapt to clients’ briefs; she provides nothing but her best to each and every project.

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