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Julian Sands

Julian Sands, best known for several Oscar-nominated films including ‘A Room With A View’, has been missing from last two weeks in the mountains of Southern California. He went hiking in the US mountain range but did not return from there. Julian Sands went hiking on a mountain in the US with his close friend, and while hiking, he went a little ahead of his friend and after that he never met his friend. Julian Sands’s friends looked very worried and side by side astonished also in the respect of this incident he comments “How can it happen that his friend disappears, He said that there is a big conspiracy behind this whole matter, it is not an accident, it is a deliberate crime, the culprit must be punished for this tragedy . Some time ago, the police became very suspicious of Julian Sands’s friend, but after gaining the full information and thorough investigation, he got the clean chit from the side of police official

Outline of the whole tragedy

This is breaking news came out 2 weeks ago about Hollywood’s famous actor Julian Sands. Julian Sands, famous for several Oscar nominated films, went missing from the mountain San Gabriel . Officials said that the search and rescue team were hired to search Julian Sands on the mountains of San Gabriel and many police officials has been sent to inspect the lower part of the San Gabriel . Every small place is being searched and it is expected that Julian Sands can be found . But after the 2 days of investigation clue related to Julian Sands was unable to found . Family of Julian Sands was suffering from a huge trauma as officials were found clueless. Many people believe that Julian Sands was died after slipping from the mountain . But still the Julian Sands’s family is sure that Julian is not dead and he is still trapped somewhere and pleading for help. His friend also says the same and he is also throwing light on ‘Maybe all this is happening because of some old of Julian Sands with someone’

Why we love Julian ?

Julian Sands has worked in the best movies of hollywood, due to which he has received many Oscar Awards, not only in films but also in TV and drama series. He appeared in director James Ivory’s British romance ‘A Room with a View’ in 1985 and starred alongside Helena Bonham Carter , In 1985 he gave awesome appearance in Boxing Helena , Living Las Vegas in1995 were widely praised, due to which he is a very well-known actor in Hollywood and he continues to get a lot of love from his fans. Even Before this accident he was casted in various projects by topmost directors of hollywood film industry but unfortunately due to this tragedy directors has been seeking for the replacement of Julian Sands

Shocking statement given by Kevin Ryan

Regarding this accident, a big statement has come out from Julian Sands’s another friend, Kevin Ryan, in which he has said that it cannot happen that Julian Sands died because of slipping on the mountain, he is very expert in hiking and always follows each safety protocols, he has hiked the mountain many times before and according to statement gave by Kevin Ryan, hiking is Julian’s biggest passion, even bigger than acting, he has always been very passionate about hiking. And there is always a passion for hiking in him, He had make mistakes many times he used to make mistakes while hiking after he was taken proper training for hiking but Julian never made mistakes, he was an advanced hiker. People are saying that Julian Sands has died due to slipping from the mountain, then it is absolutely wrong.

New technology proposed for this investigation

Investigation teams had done numerous of searches for Julian Sands but still they are clueless to know about Julian Sands . But the use of a new technology for this investigation may prove to be the turning point of this case, such a technology use Is going to be utilise to find Julian Sands so that the whole area can be seen clearly and through focus and maybe Julian Sands can also be found and according to the officials the whole investigation will going to be by being on air


As we know, Julian Sands was a very good hiker, so the chances of his death are very less and if he is calling for help, he will get help as soon as possible because the police of California have adopted all their technology and their tactics to find Julian Sands . Fans are overwhelmingly supporting Julian Sands investigation on social media and hoping for him to be safe wherever he is on the present time

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