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Honey Rose

Honey Rose Varghese is a very famous Indian actress who mainly appears in the Malayalam films. She has also appeared many times in a few Tamil, Kannada and Telugu films or movies. She made her acting debut in the year with the 2005 Malayalam film named Boyy Friennd. Her breakthrough role basically came in the year 2012 with Trivandrum Lodge.

She started her career just at the age of 14 in 2005, and she also acted in the Malayalam film Boyy Friennd which was directed by Vinayan. She herself played the role of Manikuttan’s friend. In the year 2006, she took or accepted her first non-Malayalam project, named Ee Varsham Sakshiga in Telugu, which was just followed by her very first Tamil film the, which is a romantic drama Mudhal Kanave. Honey Rose basically acted in Muthyala Subbiah’s 50th film Aalayam.

Her comeback to the character is that of ‘Dhwani Nambiar’ in the movie Trivandrum Lodge, which gave her a total breakthrough in her career. She also decided to change her screen name to Dhwani after that film, but then she reverted to Honey Rose in Anju Sundarikal.

Honey Rose
Honey Rose

In the year 2011, she completed one Tamil project, named  Mallukattu, which she basically signed in the year 2009 and a Malayalam film, named Pithavinum Puthranum Parishudhathmavinum, but the latter is on hold. She plays the role of a nun called Sister Elsita in director Deepesh’s Pithavinum Puthranum Parishudhathmavinum. She also acted with Jayasurya in the movie Hotel California and also in Thank You as Jayasurya’s wife, with Fahadh in the 5 Sundarikal featurette also called Aami and Daivathinte Swantham Cleetus with the Mammootty where she plays a very bold and strong Malayali woman.

Honey Rose is now returning to the Tamil cinema after a big gap of eight years with the movie Pattaampoochi (2022), starring Sundar C. and Jai.

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