Hawkeye aka Jeremy Renner returns to his home after snowplough accident

Jeremy Renner Returns Home

Avenger’s superstar Jeremy Renner back to his home after 2 weeks of hospitalisation . Actually his home is near Mount Road about 25 miles from mount Rose Ski Tahoe . So he wanted to celebrate his new year on his home this time which is the nearest of mount Rose Ski Tahoe but unfortunately on New Year’s Eve there was heavy snowfall in the area due to which Jeremy Renner got hurted badly in that accident . After some time Jeremy was airlifted to the hospital for treatment after the accident his spokesman Told that his condition is still serious but then also he is being well taken care of and he will recover soon. Jeremy Renner is a well-known Hollywood actor. Jeremy Renner has also been nominated for Oscars 2 times. He was nominated for his stellar performances in films such as The Hurt Locker and The Town and is also the biggest Avengers star that has made him a people’s star.

Jeremy Renner was in India till the end of last year

Jeremy Renner came to India last year and then he had pictures with Anil Kapoor went viral . Anil Kapoor worked with Jeremy Renner in Mission Impossible ‘ Ghost Protocol ‘ . Jeremy Renner appeared in other films of this series ‘ 28 Weeks Later ‘ and ‘ American Hustle ‘ Also doing films like Hustle . Born 47 years old Considered one of the versatile hollywood actors . He has been nominated twice for that he has done many roles and in a very different ways one of his superhero avatar was seen for Avengers frachise and he has also played a side role for this franchise in many ‘Avengers’ movies

Jeremy Renner was found still active during his hospitalization

Avengers’s star used social media a lot during hospitalization and tried to show his condition through their photos and said thank you to his fans who support him during his tough times after he met with a accident. he had posted a photo of himself on social media. There are bruises on his face are also clearly visible in the picture, along with sharing the photo, he wrote in the caption, “Thank you for all your lovable votes, I am making a lot of mess in typing now but I am sending my love to you”

Jeremy’s fans replied

After Jeremy Renner posted his photo on social media, Fans showered him with lots of love. Let us tell you that Jeremy had ‘blood chest trauma’ and ‘orthopedic injuries’. In the same, the spokesperson of Jeremy Renner gave his health updates. The spokesperson told that “Jeremy’s surgery was done on Monday and the condition of the star is critical but stable and he is in the ICU”. All the Fans around the world are praying for his well being while all the celebrities are also praying for his speedy recovery.

More Clarification on Jeremy Renner’s Accident

According to media , at the time of the accident, Jeremy Renner was in US , Nevada, was ploughling snow and was clearing snow around his house before accident occurred, during which a sudden snow storm came and the snow began to spread rapidly. As a result of which Jeremy Renner became a victim of the accident, immediately after which he was airlifted and taken to the hospital for treatment, according to statements claimed by media was Jeremy’s health condition was quite critical

Jeremy Renner returns to his home

Jeremy Renner has returned to his home after a long 2 weeks and is feeling great, he expressed this through his tweet “Outside my brain fog in recovery, I was very excited to watch episode 201 with my family at home “In the reply of this tweet, his reply section was flooded as his fans got crazy in happiness and were very happy for him. Jeremy Renner said that these 2 weeks were huge for him and he was very upset during some time and also missing his family alot . but his fans stood by him and wished him well. Due to which today he has come home after being discharged from the hospital.

Paramount edited poster of Jeremy’s ‘Mayor Of Kingstown’

After Jeremy Renner recovered from his recent accident, the director of Paramount edited the original poster of ‘Mayor of Kingstown’. The belief of director behind the editing of poster is that the original poster had bruises and injuries on Jeremy Renner’s face but in the edited poster all injuries and bruises were removed as bruises and inuries on the face of Jeremy Renner can hurt him and his fans emotionally after he met with a accident . Already Jeremy is in a lot of pain due to the recent accident with him and is feeling sensitive, so he believes that he does not want to hurt his sensitivity, due to which he has made changes in the poster of ‘Mayor of Kingstown’. he has removed all the bruises and injuries from his face due to which he is looking very good . This whole process was done in a digital manner


After the recovery of Jeremy Renner, his fans are yearning to see him again on the screen and on theatres and are eagerly waiting for his new movie ‘Mayor Of Kingstown’. People believe that his new movie is sure to be a super duper hit.

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