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Miss Universe 2022 has been announced on the last day, R’Bonney Gabriel win this crown from America, , while Divitya Rai from India also win this crown . 84 contestants had participated, we are going to give you some interesting things related to Miss Universe by defeating all these contestants who is R’Bonney Gabriel . Most importantly R’Bonney Gabriel is a resident of Houston Texas, America, Gabriel’s mother is American and her father Hailing from the Philippines, she has studied fashion designing at the University of North Texas, while she also runs her own brand.

Achievements of R’Bonney Gabriel

R’Bonney Gabriel has won accolades many times before, before becoming Miss Universe, she has also become Miss USA, which is a big thing in her name. After becoming Miss Universe, R’Bonney Gabriel was crowned with a beautiful crown, which costs 46 crores. Crown has been designed by Famous Luxury Jewel Award, this Crown is studded with a lot of diamonds and sapphires, there are a total of 993 stones in the entire Crown.

Made a Gorgeous Dress From Old Coat

R’Bonney Gabriel Really created history as the first Filipina American to win Texas USA in December 2021. According to the news of The Sun, she wore a dress made from the old coat for the opening number of Texas USA

Hardwork of R’Bonney Gabriel

Miss Universe 2022 and R’Bonney Gabriel are Christians by religion and live in the United States of America and work towards the upliftment of the society. Gabriel is 28 years old and was born on 20 March 1994 to his parents. It should be known that Miss Universe 2022 had earlier won many titles in her country from the United States of America in 1 year and 1 year. On January 14, 2030, she won the title of Miss Universe.

Value Addition Of R’Bonney Gabriel In Society

Beauty Contestant is such a competition in which every girl who participates dreams of winning it and then she wants that one day she will be crowned Miss Universe on her head. Miss Universe of the year 2022 has been announced. America’s Gabriel has this crown on his head, every girl dreams of getting this crown, although many times it is debated that what changes by winning the beauty present, but it motivates many girls a lot. R’Bonney Gabriel’s journey to reach here has been very difficult which will motivate girls a lot and give assurance to the coming generation

Uniqueness Of R’Bonney Gabriel

R’Bonney Gabriel loves to recycle his clothes. The dress he wore for Miss USA in the year 2022 was designed from an old second hand coat that he designed himself and that he used to buy Gabriel from a store that sells second-end things. On the strength of her hard work and courage, she was able to give wings to the dream of an Asian and migrant girls after seeing Gabrielle reach here.

Why R’Bonney Gabriel Became Emotional On Stage

After winning the title of Miss Universe, Gabriel had become very emotional, her feeling could be clearly seen on her face. Let us tell you that Harnath Sindhu of India made Gabriel the crown of Miss Universe, Gabriel’s face while wearing the crown But the confidence and happiness that was visible was being made on sight.

Highlight Of Competition

Contestants were questioned in the top 3 rounds of the competition, during which Miss USA and R’Bonney Gabriel won everyone’s heart with their answers and due to this answer, they got the title of Miss Universe 2022. In the top 3 rounds, She use “Force For Good”to explain fashion

What was the Question asked from R’Bonney Gabriel

If you become Miss Universe, how will you work to demonstrate that this is a genuine and progressive organization?

Reply of R’Bonney Gabriel

In response, R’Bonney Gabriel said, “I would like to transform the fashion industry as a leader. After working for 13 years in fashion designing, I would like to use fashion for good. I use recycled materials as a means of fashion and reduce pollution.” I contribute to reducing I make my own clothes I teach sewing to victims of human trafficking and domestic violence and inspire them to be self reliant We need to invest in others Rest for our community We have to make a difference in the society with such unique talent, we all have something special, if we try our skills and influence others, then we can make it a medium of positive change.


R’Bonney Gabriel is a worthy winner of competition according to her competetors ,her fans , judges , due to her lots of hardwork and visionary thoughts towards society

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