Earth’s core started revolving in opposite direction means end of Earth is near ?

Earth's Core

According to the Geological Scientist, in a study, a difference was seen in the core of the Earth that it is now rotating in the opposite direction and many scientists believe that this is the very first aspect of the end of the Earth, due to which there will be a huge amount of earthquake in the coming time. We will see devastation, is it true, this question arises in the mind of all of us, as we know in today’s era, in which we have seen and heard about disasters like winter storm and tornado, what does it mean if earth starts rotating upside down? Humans will be able to survive after this drastic change in the movement of Earth ? to know read further

What is Earth’s core ?

Earth’s Core looks like a ball and situated in the middle of our planet earth, this Earth’s core is not very hot before 4.5 billion year ago, it is about 2900 kilometers below from the surface of the earth and its radius from the earth is 3485 kilometers, Earth is more older than its core this is a fact which says earth can be exist without its core , the core of the earth is like a ball, a hot ball made of metal and the shape of the Earth’s core is similar to the shape of a moon or a Pluto planet, as the age of the earth increased with time, the core of the Earth became hotter and the scientist believes that the reason for the warmth of the Earth’s core is the existence of organisms on earth.

Outline of research 1990 on Earth’s core

After the research done in 1990’s, the scientist says that the core of the earth is equal to 1 hot ball, whose size is like moon or pluto, due to its heat, it releases a radiation which helps humans to avoid cosmic radiation. Scientist Believes that it is because of Earth’s Core that humans and other organisms on Earth exist even today, otherwise humans or organisms would have died long ago.

Scientists’s perspective

Both Yang and Song are very great scientists, who told that between 1995 and 2021, the rotation of the earth has slowed down, around 2009, the rotation of the earth had completely stopped and since then the earth core has been rotating very slowly and Even in reverse direction, which is a big topic of discussion, however, after this research came to the fore, many debates have started like political non-political and between many leaders and even among many scientists. Everyone is bringing forward their own theory and trying to prove themselves right

In-depth understanding of Earth’s Core

According to the study of many direct and indirect sources, the layers of the earth have been divided. The interior of the Earth is made up of many concretions. On the basis of chemical characteristics, there are 3 parts of the Earth’s core

  • Crust : The crust is a very thin layer on the Earth’s surface, with a thickness of 35 to 40 kilometers. The thickness of the crust varies depending on the oceans and continents. The crust under the oceans is 5 to 30 kilometers thick and the continental parts are 35 to 40 kilometers thick. The thickness of the crust can be more in the parts where there are mountains. The thickness of the crust is found to be 70 to 100 km in the part of the Himalayan mountain range. The crust is 5 to 10% of the Earth’s weight. The outer layer of is made up of sedimentary materials, in which granite rocks are dominant, below that are crystalline sons, oral and sedimentary rocks . which are of the acidic nature
  • Mantle : The mantle part starts from 35 km below the Earth’s surface and is up to 2900 km deep. This mantle is the uppermost layer of the mantle called the ethanosphere, which ranges from 10 to 200 km in thickness. The lower level of the mantle starts from its bottom. The density of the mantle varies between 2.9 to 3.3 . It is made up of solid rock and magma. The mantle is 83% of the Earth’s volume. The outer part of the mantle is seam metric and the inner part is entirely composed of ultrabasic rocks
  • Core : Core’s layer starts from 2900 to 6400 km below the Earth’s surface. It is 16% of the Earth’s volume. Some very heavy metals are present in the core layer, whose volume and density are in large quantities. The presence of iron and nickel metals here Most of all, the outer part of the court key is liquid and the inner part is solid. Mixture of many heavy metals and separates the silicate core from the second layer.


A change has been observed in the direction of the Earth’s core and it is clearly clear that the earth core has changed its direction but it does not mean that there will be a question on the existence of humans or organisms . Because many scientists said that it is a very normal phenomenon from the side of Earth. which happens in every 35 years . Clearly, They want to say that earth changes its direction in every 35 years

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