Awkward encounter of Lauren London and Jonah Hill

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Lauren London who is the star of the movie called “Without Remorse” and she has given very charismatic appearance in that movie . Even she shared the incident in one of her appearance in the show called The Tonight Show and was hosting by Jimmy Fallon . The most highlighted comments of the show came in the middle of show in which she unveiled some important points about her first met with “You People” star Jonah Hill . How did they interact for the first time, although the interaction was quite satirical, but after that they both became very good friends, they were also seen many times in basketball matches and Jonah Hill was also seen while supporting Los Angeles Lakers in the company of Lauren London . But how they met is a very interesting story and keep reading to know the outline of whole instance

Outline of awkward incident

A few weeks ago, Lauren London reached for the shoot of her new film which was about to be released on Netflix. She observed a black van parked in the entrance of the parking lot. She kept waiting for it to be a aside from the entrance but after getting frustrated she honked so loudly in response to van . She remain astonished after seeing the “You People” star Jonah Hill came out from his black van and started staring at Lauren London’s car as soon as he saw Lauren London he smiled and said “hello” to her and after that they became very good friends anyway this incident was quite satirical in terms how the two good friends met first time .

Value addition of stars in relationship

After the parking lot incident, both Lauren and Hill have become very good friends and recently they are also the starring in a movie “You People” this movie is based on a romantic comedy genre which was released on 20 January 2023, In this movie the characters of Lauren and Hill got infactuated towards other . And after some time he reunites his family with each other and this is how the whole story progresses, so overall both of them are working in a romantic comedy in which Eddie Murphy is playing a side role in this movie but some time ago starring actor of this movie Jonah Hill had posted a post in which he showed that he will not be able to promote his film in the realtime as his mental health is not in ease right now and he will soon recover from it , come back to you people and will attend the success party of the Blockbuster

How bond became more stronger ?

As Jonah Hill posted in his post that he was unfit and not in ease to promote his latest film “You People” and he will not be able to be the part of stars in premiere for promotion of his flim , in response to his wordings fans on social media got rude through these wordings . As a result fans criticized him for by saying him lazy but again his best friend Lauren supported him by posting that she knows Jonah Hill very well and he is a very great actor but at this moment of his life he needs support from our side not criticism in these tough phases of his life Lauren express in her post . She also enraged fans of the movie by commenting that Jonah Hill is her homeboy


Lauren and Hill both are very good friends, in my point of view that satirical incident made the bond more stronger of their relationship and probably Lauren is often found supporting Hill on social media, she has supported hill alot to admire her relationship. And a very good response has also been observed from Hill’s side in this relationship, which may have started in a strange way, but even then this relationship is looking far better than other famous celebrity’s relationship that’s more like a deal of money and pleasure

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